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About Us

We are a team of people with university work experience (Sapienza-Rome, Tuscia-Viterbo). We have a long experience in volunteering in poor countries, which began in 2004. Our projects have focused in particular on education.
The group is coordinated by Alfredo Di Nola, retired professor in the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, Sapienza, University of Roma.


Completed projects

2006 - Realization of a computer room in Ebolowa, Cameroon 

2007 - Upgrade of the computer room  in Gjader, Albania 

2008 - Foundation of NGO VILSE 

2012 - Realization of a paper library in Balangir, India 


2015 - Realization of the digital Library Library Everywhere (offline version)

2016 - Installation of the Library Everywhere in two schools in Kerala, India

2019 - Installation of Library Everywhere in two schools in South Sudan and in 10 schools in India

2020 - Realization of the online version of the Library Everywhere

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