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A practical alternative to paper books

The project involves the setting up of a library of thousands of books in remote sites and at a very low cost.
The library is specifically designed for small communities where the electrical supply and/or internet connections are limited or non-existent.

In June 2016 our digital library was successfully tested in two schools in Kerala, India


Summary of the project

The setting up of a library suffers of limitations due to the difficulty of sending hundreds or thousands of books, to the relevant cost of the thousand books and to the need for appropriate spaces and furniture. It follows that the requirements  for the construction of a paper library are often prohibitive for small realities with small budgets. 
On the contrary, a digital library requires very limited structural and econimic efforts. Infact, it only needs one PC, a few e-readers and a person trained to manage the devices and the book borrowing system.

Nowadays a huge amount of books are available on the Internet, however the availability of electricity and Internet connection is totally unsatisfactory in many dispersed communities in developing countries.
The Library Everywhere project we are developing allows these communities to have a digital library.

The library will be constantly expanded and it can updated by connecting to our server.

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