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How to contribute

Library Everywhere is created to be viral, so that it can be freely installed and duplicated.


Anyone can contribute to its dissemination in many ways, such as:

  1. Project dissemination in associations (NGO, organizations, parishes, etc.), that are interested in installing the library in schools and communities in developing countries.

  2. Project dissemination through articles in newspapers and television interviews.

  3. Dissemination through direct contacts with Italian and foreign government agencies.

  4. Direct contacts with communities and schools located in developing countries.

  5. Install the library in schools (e.g. in Europe) as support for English language courses.

  6. Requests to publishers of English books to help by donating e-book.


The limitations are as follows:


  1. The Library Everywhere catalog requires the Windows operating system (from 7 onwards).

  2. No prior authorization is required for its diffusion, but we will greatly appreciate if any new installation will be notified by mail to indicating the names and the addresses of the applicants and operators.

  3. It can not be altered in any way and is widespread with its name and reference to our site.

  4. It can not be used for commercial purposes.


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