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A practical alternative to paper books

Library Everywhere is a digital book library in English and French (currently around 1050 in English and 550 in French) provided free of charge.

It has an offline and an online version.

The offline version can be downloaded from this site  and installed on a windows PC.

The online version is available by clicking here.




  • As with all digital libraries, the advantage is that you don't need a physical structure: rooms, shelves, etc.

  • Does not require a librarian.

  • Many persons can read the same book at the same time.

  • The cost is zero for the online Library and very low for the offline one: a PC, which serves as a catalog and some reading devices, such as smartphones, ereaders, tablets, PCs, etc.

  • It is also possible to expand the Library with books in different languages.


Problematic aspects


For both versions, the user must have a reading device (smartphone, ereader, tablet, PC, etc.) either own or provided by the library.


Online version


To use the online version you need an internet connection; this aspect, at present, may represent a problem in poor countries, but the spread of the network will become more and more widespread over time and will make it much less important.


Offline version


For the offline version, the problem is a bit more complex.

Our experience has shown that, even in poor countries, almost all communities are equipped with a PC, and, very often, with a computer lab, even when the internet connection is absent or unreliable. Therefore, the installation of the Library is not a problem.

The problem is mainly due to access.

In the event that the Library is installed on a single PC, this will be used to consult the catalog and to download the selected books on an apparatus owned by the user or provided by the library.

If the Library is installed in a computer lab, it can also be used as a reading room.

In both cases, it is necessary that there is a responsible person, who controls access and, where necessary, provides a reading device and manages the loan. From our experience, this can limit its diffusion.

On the contrary, the online library does not require any intermediary.


The Library in Europe
It can also be very useful in European countries as support for English and French language courses in schools and as a help to associations dealing with migrants and in general foreigners.
In June 2016, the offline digital library was successfully installed in two schools in Kerala-India.

In 2019 the offline digital library was installed in two schools in South Sudan and in ten schools in Jharkhand-India.

In 2020 the online release of the library was created.

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