A practical alternative to paper books

Library Everywhere is a free digital library of books in English and French (about 1050 in English and 550 in French).

In addition to the literature books, we also have a full school program from first to twelfth grade, for over 200 books in English.

For its operation, it is necessary to have a PC, to manage catalog and books, and one or more digital book readers (smartphones, e-readers, tablets, PCs).
It is specially designed to be installed in remote locations where the supply of electricity and internet connection are unsatisfactory or nonexistent, as is common in developing countries.
It can also be very useful in European countries as support for English and French language courses in schools and as a help to associations dealing with migrants and in general foreigners.
In June 2016, the digital library was successfully installed in two schools in Kerala-India.

In 2019 it was installed in two schools in South Sudan and in ten schools in Jharkhand-India.