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The Project

The aim of the project is the creation of a library suitable for small communities.
According to us, one of the problems in education in small communities is due to the difficulty of having a library, because this requires adequate amounts of space, furniture and it has a considerable cost. These requirements are available in this sort of communities. We noticed this problem in all our initiatives in Africa, India and Europe.
Our project aims to overcome these difficulties by creating a library that does not require neither space nor furniture and is at a very low cost.
This can be achieved through digital books, known as e-books.
An e-book is read in a reader of the e-book, which is a low cost device. Therefore, in principle, a digital library requires only some e-reader and a device containing the e-book.
Finally, the library can be easily duplicated and does not require an Internet connection.
Due to these features it can be used, in small communities, even very remote, as well large communities.


The project is organized as follows:

Selection of public domain  e-books written  in English
Creation of a digital catalog, which is be accessible through a notebook. The catalog contains information about authors and books.
Creation of a website that allows, via a client / server, updating the library.
Supply to the communities of one notebook (if they have not already), some e-readers and one pendrive containing the catalog, the database and the programs for upgrading the library.
Perform a test of the library at two school of the mission of the Sisters Santa Rosa Venerini in Kerala, Orissa.
So far we have selected ca. 1200 public domain books suitable for children, teens and adults.
We created the catalog and the pendrive with the necessary software for the operation of the library.
The test of the library operation was carried out successfully in two schools in Kerala, India in June 2016.

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